An healing story

Gabriella Rizzardini (1987) is a self-taught artist, her works are related to the connection with nature and spiritual awakening.

For more than 10 years she worked as a biologist monitoring wolves in Italy and abroad, living in close contact with nature. 2019 was a turning point in her life, she became a mother and was diagnosed with cancer. This illness was the occasion for a spiritual awakening, questioning different parts of her life.

She returned to her childhood dream of being an artist. She painted during chemo sessions in hospital and since then she has never left her brushes. She healed thanks to art and to her son's love.

She took part to several online courses and finally in 2022 she started her carrier as a full-time artist. She is participating in various art exhibitions in Italy, she won impromptu exhibitions and art competitions.

She is currently organizing painting courses for cancer patients in the hospital, hoping that everyone can feel better by creating.

Thanks to be there!

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